Dialogue: A WriterSpark Mini Course

What makes dialogue such an essential element? The answer is simple. It can make or break a story, literally. 

Poorly written dialogue will make readers cringe. Characters can easily come across as flat, and verbal exchanges as unrealistic. 

Good dialogue, on the other hand, is appropriate and representative of a character. It rings true. It helps create well-rounded characters who are authentic and realistic. Good dialogue will lead to memorable characters and a book readers don’t want to put down.

There have been plenty of times when I’ve started and stopped a book because the dialogue didn’t ring true, because it felt contrived, or because it just didn’t sound like how real people talk.

But how do you actually write great dialogue? This mini-course, pulled from WriterSpark's Ready, Set, WRITE! course gives you everything you need to begin your mastery of dialogue. It is a crucial step in your writing journey.

Join me in this WriterSpark Mini Course and master dialogue in your own writing.


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Dialogue: A WriterSpark Mini Course

Trace Hartman, 30 Days to Craft Your Novel

Bourbon’s class covered about 20 lessons with bonus material. I’ve learned more writing basics from her than I did on my college campus. She’s so very detail oriented and practical. This class is highly useful. It’s easy to understand because the examples she uses for each topic are not only plentiful, but they are also examples from books many readers have read. It’s so easy to connect with the direction Bourbon is trying to move you in. I’ve found every lesson of hers invaluable. 

I highly recommend this class. I had tears well up in my eyes when I completed the last lesson. I don’t want to part with learning from her. The good news is Bourbon will be creating more classes. I don’t even have to consider joining any other classes she constructs; I’ll be in line to learn more from her as soon as I possibly can. 

M. Leiser, 6 Week Writing Course, SMU

Melissa Bourbon is more than an editor, she is a teacher, mentor and encourager. She helped me with my first non-fiction piece and after several comments, basic edits, and suggestions from her, my work was ready for submission. 

Thanks to her sage advice, I grew as a writer and my piece was selected as a winner at the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference. Working with her via email was easy.  I will definitely use Bourbon again.

Amy Bearce, 1:1 Coaching & Editing

Melissa Bourbon is an outstanding editor. I’ve worked with her several times, and her responses are always clear and helpful while remaining kind and encouraging. She provided fantastic developmental edits on what became my first published book, and I didn’t hesitate to consult with her on a later project. 

That revised manuscript eventually connected me with my first agent and became my first published book. Her work is thoughtful and precise. I highly recommend her coaching, editing, and courses.