Get started on your writing journey with two mini courses and a companion workbook.

Dialogue: A WriterSpark Mini Course

What makes dialogue such an essential element? The answer is simple. It can make or break a story, literally. 

Poorly written dialogue will make readers cringe. Characters can easily come across as flat, and verbal exchanges as unrealistic. 

Good dialogue, on the other hand, is appropriate and representative of a character. It rings true. It helps create well-rounded characters who are authentic and realistic. Good dialogue will lead to memorable characters and a book readers don’t want to put down.

There have been plenty of times when I’ve started and stopped a book because the dialogue didn’t ring true, because it felt contrived, or because it just didn’t sound like how real people talk.

But how do you actually write great dialogue? This mini-course, pulled form WriterSpark's 30 Days to Craft Your Novel course, gives you everything you need to begin your mastery of dialogue. It is a crucial step in your writing journey.

The Hero's Journey: A WriterSpark Mini Course

The Hero's Journey is based on Joseph Campbell's Mono-myth. Christopher Vogler then used this as a framework for the Hero's Journey, the quintessential story structure used in Hollywood.

It is so easy to recognize the steps in the books we read and the movies we see once it is understood, And it's really easy to apply to our own writing. It takes the concept of the Three-Act Structure and puts it into hyperdrive.

If you really want to figure out how to make your characters larger than life, apply The Hero's Journey.

If you are ready to have your characters resonate with readers, internalize The Hero's Journey.

Take your writing to the next level with this mini course!

Ready, Set, WRITE! Companion Workbook

This Companion Workbook goes along with the online course and provides all the infographics, examples, and assignment handouts in one easy to you booklet.

If you haven’t taken the course or are not enrolled in it, you may still find this information useful in your writing journey.

The Companion Workbook is aligned with the online course and covers the following:

  • Steps to create complex characters
  • Antagonist
  • Protagonist
  • Supporting Characters
  • Goal, Motivation, Conflict, Disaster
  • What story structure is, and what works for you
  • Three Act Structure
  • Hero’s Journey
  • Skeleton Outlining
  • Essential Elements
  • Setting; Point of View; Dialogue; Tone; Mood; Voice
  • Core Plotting Elements Every Writer Should Know
  • Constructing a scene
  • Scene and Sequel
  • Motivation-Reaction Units
  • Core Scenes

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