Week 3: Introduction to Essential Elements of Writing

Ready, Set, WRITE!

Introduction to Essential Elements of Writing

Welcome to Week 3! 

We’ve spent the last two weeks building the foundation of your story. Having done this, you’re already ahead of the game. And I really do mean that.

Week one in our course took you through character planning and conflict. 

Week two tackled story structure and outlining. At this point, you should have the bones of your story broken into the 12 steps of The Hero’s Journey. 

That’s a very broad look.

Now we need to get into the nitty-gritty by framing, adding beams, and doing the rest of the general construction. We need to dive into the other essential elements of story. That is what Week 3 is all about.

We’re going to spend time on:

  • Setting
  • Point of View
  • Dialogue
  • Tone and Mood
  • Voice

By the completion of these lessons, you’ll have made all the decisions necessary for framing, and you’ll be thinking of how to divide that architectural space into rooms, meaning you’ll have a few key scenes you know you want to include in your book. You’ll have all the tools necessary to begin building those scenes.

I hope you’re excited to keep going on your writing journey. I’ll see you in lesson one!

*Formerly 30 Days to Craft Your Novel

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