Welcome to Ready, Set, Write!

Welcome to Ready, Set, Write! Please note, this course was formerly called 30 Days to Craft Your Novel.



I am so excited to welcome you on this writing adventure. This course runs for 30 days, with a few days each week to allow for dedicated writing time. If it takes you longer than 30 days, that is absolutely fine! This is a work at your own pace course.

Each lesson also has an assignment connected to it. These are included to help you plan, create, and think about the different steps involved with planning your novel. You can download them, or simply work in your notebook or on your computer. Do things however it works best for you.

Listen to the welcome message, and take a look at the 30 Days to Craft Your Novel infographic.

Please post any questions in the comments and remember to join the WriterSpark Academy Facebook group: https://bit.ly/WS_FBGroup

Purchase the course workbook, which contains all the print material and assignments for this course:

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